Services from Lakeway Animal Hospital


When our clients go out of town, they aren’t always able to take their dogs and cats with them. Why not let your pet relax at Lakeway’s boarding facility the next time you need to go out of town without them? Our clinic’s boarding facility is climate controlled, carefully maintained, and veterinary supervised to insure your pet’s stay is as good as yours while you are away. Call one of Lakeway’s caring professionals to reserve your pet’s place at our boarding facility.



One of the most frightening words for our family and extended pet family is “cancer.” Fortunately for veterinary medicine, cancer treatment has come a long way in the last few years. Lakeway Animal Hospital has knowledge and experience to treat your pet with cancer, and use the most advanced cancer-treating medications available. Our in-clinic diagnostic lab also allows our caring doctors to monitor your pet’s bloodwork during this difficult time, and can make adjustments if needed for your pet. We can diagnose and treat most forms of cancer right here with the doctors that you know and trust. Symptoms of cancer range from weight loss, sores that won’t heal, changes in bowel movements and lumps on their body. If you feel that your pet may be at risk for cancer, schedule a screening with one of our caring doctors today.

Dental Care

One of the most important items for the overall health of your pet is good oral hygiene. Most pet owners simply aren’t able to brush their pet’s teeth daily, and this is one of the reasons that professional oral healthcare is so important. Plaque and gingivitis are present in dogs and cats as young as one year of age! Over time, harmful bacteria can build up in your pet’s mouth without regular brushing and professional cleaning. Poor oral hygiene can lead these bacteria to cause damage to your pet’s liver, kidneys and heart. Please call one of Lakeway’s caring professionals to schedule a dental exam for your pet today!


One of the primary reasons people take their pets to the veterinarian are various skin conditions encountered by dogs and cats. Our compassionate doctors and staff at Lakeway understand that your pet can be miserable when they can’t stop itching. The experience our doctors have with skin issues allows them make an accurate and quick diagnosis to get your pet comfortable. Our hospital carries the newest and most effective products available, and we can bring relief to your pet.

Digital Radiography

Our hospital is pleased to offer digital x-rays for your pet. Our clinic can view your pet’s x-ray in a matter of seconds, which can lead to faster diagnosis and treatment of your pet. With the click of a button, your pet’s x-ray will be taken, minimizing their exposure time, and chemicals are no longer needed to develop x-rays as in the past. The most important quality of an x-ray is image clarity, and Lakeway’s digital system provides the clearest images available in veterinary medicine. Our doctors can clearly see and manipulate the image if needed to insure they are getting the best information for your pet. Finally, in the unlikely event a radiologist needs to be consulted, your pet’s x-ray can be emailed to a specialist to further assist in diagnosing your pet’s condition.

Hospice and Euthanasia

Unfortunately everyone and everything’s journey in life must come to an end. When your pet is facing their final days, let our compassionate doctors and staff be there for them, as well as you. Hospice care is available for your pet to insure they are receiving the proper medications and pain preventatives they need at this time. Your pet will be cared for and supervised by our caring veterinarians during this time as well. Finally when your pet is no longer able to carry on, our compassionate doctors and team are there for them as well to make sure they are as comfortable and peaceful as possible.

In-House Diagnostics

At Lakeway Animal Hospital, our in-house laboratory is equipped with the most advanced bloodwork analyzers, designed to give our doctors accurate results quickly resulting in immediate medical decisions for your pet. The instruments used at Lakeway are the newest and most updated available in veterinary medicine. We can get CBC or complete blood counts, enabling our doctors to know the amounts of red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets present in your pet’s blood. Lakeway’s blood chemistry unit also tells us things your pet cannot, such as organ function including liver and kidney values. Whether your pet has a life-threatening emergency or is having bloodwork done prior to a routine surgery, our laboratory can normally obtain results within a half an hour, so we can do what is most important-taking care of your pet!

Laser Surgery

Lakeway Animal Hospital recommends our laser for your pet’s surgical needs. There are a number of benefits to laser surgery, as opposed to a traditional scalpel. Typically there is less pain and swelling when a laser is used in surgery, allowing for a fast recovery time. Also, there is less bleeding when a laser is used during surgery, as small blood vessels are sealed by the heat of the laser. Finally, there is a reduced risk of infection, as the laser temperature kills bacteria upon incision that a scalpel cannot. Ask one of our compassionate team members about the benefits of laser surgery before your pet’s procedure at Lakeway.


Every year, thousands of pets go missing from households across the country. Fortunately, permanent identification is available that offers your pet the best opportunity to be returned to you if they wander from your home. A microchip the size of a grain of rice is virtually painlessly injected under your pet’s skin and will identify them when placed under a microchip reader. Most veterinary practices and many local shelters have a microchip reader required to identify your pet. Microchipping is a cost-efficient method of having your pet returned to you in the event they are separated from you. Call Lakeway Animal Hospital to schedule an appointment to have your pet microchipped today!

Nutritional Counseling

People aren’t the only ones who need to watch their carbs and calories! Studies indicate that nearly one-fourth of America’s pet population is overweight. Proper nutrition is one of the most important parts of preventative care and is the foundation for your pet’s health. The results of poor nutrition and overfeeding are numerous. Heavy animals are more at risk for diabetes, high blood pressure, poor mobility and some forms of cancer. Animals that are fed the proper amounts and types of food can lead longer and healthier lives. Let the doctors and staff at Lakeway Animal Hospital show you the best diet for your dog or cat.

Pain Management

Issues that can cause pain in humans can also cause pain in dogs and cats. Because of this, Lakeway Animal Hospital recommends pain medication in conjunction with all of our surgical procedures or events that may cause pain in our pets. The amount and type of medication will vary depending on the procedure. For example, smaller lacerations may only require a small amount of a drug, whereas a complicated bone surgery will need additional medication levels. Our experienced doctors will determine which medication is right for your pet depending upon their needs, and keep them as comfortable as possible during and after a procedure.


Lakeway Animal Hospital has a fully-stocked pharmacy for your pet’s health and your convenience! Most prescriptions ranging from antibiotics to heartworm preventatives are available at our hospital, and all of our medications are carefully selected by our doctors to insure your pet is getting the most up-to-date and effective product available. Online pharmacies may seem convenient and less expensive for certain dog or cat products, but did you know that many of the medications and preventatives purchased online are not guaranteed by the manufacturer should you have any issues? Our products are purchased directly from the companies that produce them, and are guaranteed to work up to their specifications.

Small Animal

Lakeway Animal Hospital is proud to serve the needs of dogs, cats, puppies and kittens in our area. The doctors and staff will care for your pet as well. Schedule an appointment today, and meet our caring and compassionate doctors and staff here at Lakeway Animal Hospital.


At Lakeway Animal Hospital, our experienced doctors are skilled at surgery ranging from spay and neuters, to more complicated orthopedic procedures. Prior to surgery, it is recommended that bloodwork is run, whether your pet is a puppy or kitten or has reached an advanced age. Bloodwork can help our doctors uncover hidden abnormalities prior to surgery. Before surgery, your pet is comforted by our team, and given the safest sedatives available. Next, each surgery is carefully monitored using our state-of-the-art equipment, helping to insure your pet’s heart rate and blood pressure are maintained at safe levels. Finally, your pet needs pain medications in the same way you would after a surgical procedure. Sedated dogs and cats are given medication to prevent pain before it starts, making your pet more comfortable and gets them on the road to recovery faster!


When people don’t feel well, they can usually tell a doctor where they hurt. Unfortunately our pets can’t tell us where they are hurting, and many things can’t be seen from the outside. Fortunately, Lakeway has the ability to look inside your pet using safe and effective ultrasound technology. Ultrasounds can be used for issues ranging from pregnancy determination to kidney issues. Our hospital is equipped with an advanced ultrasound unit that can help our doctors determine what problems your pet may be having. Fast and accurate diagnosis is important to help your pet feel better, and begin treatment right away.

Soft Claws

This product was invented by a veterinarian and really works. Soft Claws are extremely safe and non-toxic and do not interfere with normal extension of cat claws. They typically last 4-6 weeks and can be applied in home or in the hospital for a fee. They prevent damage caused by scratching and are a great alternative to declawing.
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