Dr. Carrie Ealy

Dr. Ealy graduated from Tusculum College in Greeneville, Tennessee in 2006 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Medical Pre-Professional with a minor in Chemistry. She received her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Tennessee in 2010. Prior to joining Lakeway Animal Hospital, she worked at Appalachian Veterinary Hospital in Newport, Tennessee from 2010-2012.

She is married to Josh, her college sweetheart, and they have 2 children. Her hobbies include family time, skiing, walking, trips to Dollywood, swimming, UT football and Duke basketball. Dr. Ealy has 3 dogs and 1 cat.

Dr. Jenn Mason

Dr. Mason graduated from Lincoln Memorial University with a Bachelor's Degree in Veterinary Technology in 2010-2011. She worked as an LVMT at Lakeway while completing her education requirements for veterinary school. She graduated from the University of Tennessee in 2015. She worked in Lafayette, Tennessee then Kingsport, TN before rejoining our team at Lakeway Animal Hospital in Sept 2017. Her veterinary interests include surgery and oncology.

Dr. Mason enjoys spending time with her friends and her family. She has two brothers, Justin and Zachariah. She enjoys camping, hiking, fishing, painting, and walking her dogs. She has four cats: Felicia, Percy, Bernie, and Houdini. She has 2 mixed breed dogs, Oreo and Troy. Dr. Mason also enjoys fish keeping and currently has a 10 gallon tank. She would like to have a few potbellied pigs in the future.

Dr. Fran Wheeler

Dr. Wheeler graduated from Auburn University with Bachelor of Science degree. She received her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Auburn University, College of Veterinary Medicine. Before joining Lakeway Animal Hospital in 1997, she worked at Small Animal Emergency Clinic in Columbus, GA in 1990, Auburn Veterinary Hospital in Auburn, AL from 1990-91, Southmoore Veterinary Hospital in Fountain, CO from 1991-93, Gowrie Veterinary Service in Gowrie, IA from 1993-95 and Mountain Empire Animal in Johnson City, TN from 1995-97.

Dr. Wheeler is married to Mike Alley. She has three sisters, and many nieces, nephews, cousins, etc. Her hobbies include horseback riding, gardening, hiking, enjoying the outdoors and spending time with family. Dr. Wheeler has many animals: 4 horses, 4 dogs, 9 cats. She also has 2 miniature donkeys.

Dr. Caitlin Hughes

Dr. Hughes graduated from Alfred University in 2016 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology with minors in Chemistry and Equestrian Studies. She received her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Lincoln Memorial University – College of Veterinary Medicine in 2020.

Dr. Hughes grew up in Vermont, but fell in love with East Tennessee while attending veterinary school. She enjoys hiking with her dogs, horseback riding, and spending time on the lake. Her other less adventurous activities include catching up on the newest TV shows and trying every flavor of Ben&Jerry’s ice cream. Her parents still reside in Vermont, although they now enjoy vacations to Tennessee. She has one brother, Dermot, who lives in Philadelphia. She currently has 3 dogs (Tucker, Leroy, and Albert), 2 cats (Possum and Jane), and 1 guinea pig (Daisy) at home and hopes to add a horse to the family soon!

Dr. Hannah Joyner

Dr. Joyner graduated from Louisiana Tech University in Ruston, LA in 2015 with a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science. She received her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Auburn University in 2019. Prior to joining Lakeway Animal Hospital, she worked at Columbus Veterinary Medical Center in Columbus, GA from 2019-2020.

She is married to Jessie, her high-school sweetheart. She enjoys many outdoor activities including hiking, fishing, camping, and spending time at the beach. She has an English Labrador, Ranger Wayne, and a cat, Maui.